The mission of the Elon Core Curriculum is to help students cultivate the intellectual curiosity, abilities, and knowledge required for lifelong learning as global citizens. To fulfill this fundamental mission of a liberal arts education, the Elon Core Curriculum is organized around broad goals and is deepened through intellectual reflection and practical engagement. It is guided by two fundamental principles. First, ethical reasoning must guide the pursuit and use of knowledge. Second, personal and social responsibility must be fostered to encourage students to commit themselves to an intellectual life in the service of their community, country and the world beyond them.

Learning Goals

Curiosity & Questioning:  The identification of significant issues and the framing of relevant questions

Research Skills:  The knowledge and application of modes of inquiry across disciplines

Broad Base of Knowledge:  A breadth of knowledge spanning aspects of the social, material, and natural worlds

Global Perspective:  An understanding of the interconnectedness of the human experience within and across cultures and environments

Communication Skills:  The preparation and presentation of ideas and information orally, visually, and in writing

Critical Thinking:  The analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and synthesis of information from multiple sources: oral, visual, and written

Problem-solving:  The integration and application of learning to address complex problems

Equitable Thinking: An understanding of methods to address or remedy injustice and inequality