Global Engagement

The Isabella Cannon Global Education Center (GEC) strives to foster the development of an interculturally-competent and globally-aware campus community.

Global engagement comprises study abroad, Study USA, and other learning opportunities around the world. There’s no one right way to participate in global engagement at Elon: You can study away for one week, three weeks, a summer, a semester, a year, or even two years. Explore opportunities below:

Study Abroad

If you study abroad, your worldview will change forever. Elon’s 100+ programs prepare you for a lifetime of global understanding and exploration. On study abroad programs, you can take a variety of courses toward your graduation requirements and enrich your experience with research, service, and internship opportunities.

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Study USA

In the twenty-first century, you don’t need a passport to have a global experience. Study USA offers professional development opportunities integrated with immersive, global academic experiences. 聽This expanding list of opportunities allows you to explore diversity of cultures, worldviews, and geography and climate in the United States, while satisfying Elon academic requirements.

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Other Global Experiential Opportunities

To get the most out of your experience, consider augmenting your study abroad or Study USA with other experiential learning opportunities, such as an internship, leadership, service learning, or undergraduate research.

Global Internships

Combine your study with real-world professional experience by choosing a program that offers an internship. These include both Study USA internships, where you can be in the action in top cities for growing industries, and study abroad internships, where you will practice both professional and intercultural skills. Programs vary in whether an internship is required or optional, or earns academic credit or not — the full list is linked below:

Learn more about international internship opportunities and support

Learn more about the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) at Elon

Global Leadership

Enrich your experience with leadership opportunities — before, during, and after your global engagement. The Center for Leadership聽offers support for leadership in study away, such as through the LEAD program study abroad grant, and infrastructure for reflection, such as through the annual Intersect: Diversity and Leadership Conference. Many study away programs offer courses in leadership studies:

Learn more about the Center for Leadership’s global and diversity initiatives

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Global Service Learning

Critically examine the impact and ethics of service in a global context by combining global engagement and service learning. The Kernodle Center for Civic Life serves as the hub for this area, including some international Alternative Break programs. In addition, many study abroad programs offer opportunities to engage in service — some are dedicated service-learning programs, where others offer optional volunteer opportunities:

Learn more about Alternative Break programs

Learn more about the Kernodle Center for Civic Life

Global Undergraduate Research

Integrate global engagement with research to deepen your inquiry and understanding of global challenges. The Center for Research on Global Engagement聽can help you combine these two areas and offers funding, among other resources. You could choose to pursue Elon undergraduate research credit while on study abroad or Study USA, such as 499 credit, or you could choose one of the many programs that embeds research into their curriculum or offers supplementary opportunities to engage in research:

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Other Global Experiential Opportunities Registration

If you are participating in an experiential opportunity not offered by the GEC, for example Faculty-directed research abroad, an internship abroad or other credit-bearing experience, please fill out the .

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, visit聽听辞谤 Today at Elon聽for vital instructions and information.

Calling the Elon 聽(336-278-5555) is the most effective way to respond to emergencies abroad, outside of the Elon Global Education Center鈥檚 regular business hours. Students experiencing a psychological crisis should contact the Crisis Counselor on Call at 336-278-2222.

The Student Life Emergency Response System page provides more detail for aid available to students.