A Neighborhood of Global Engagement

Welcome to the Global Neighborhood!

The overall theme for the Global Neighborhood is “Thriving as a Global Citizen.”We strive to support neighborhood residents becoming culturally aware global citizens who are informed about how global issues – from climate change to international migration – impact their daily lives and how, in turn, they can have an impact on the world through civic engagement in the local community. We believe that a global impact begins with the individual.

Toward this end, programming in the neighborhood pro

motes meaningful intercultural learning and interaction, engagement with diverse communities in the local area, and opportunities to learn about and discuss global issues with other students, faculty, staff, and community members through informal interaction at film screenings, dinners, performances, and speaker events.

Each year a sub-theme is chosen that relates to global citizenship but also speaks specifically to a subject of relevance to the campus, community, or world at large. This sub-theme will often tie in the annual Common Reading as well.

Past Sub-Themes: 2013-2024

2013-2014 Religion & Conflict
2014-2015 Gender & Sexuality Across Cultures
2015-2016 Food: The Culture, Ethics, & Politics of Eating
2016-2017 The Arts Without Borders
2017-2018 Migration: Movement, Transition, and Community Change
2018-2019 Education Equality
2019-2020 Intersections of Identity
2020-2022 Wellness with/in the World
2022-2023 Inner/Outer Peace
2023-2024 Dialogue Across Difference


2024-2025 Theme:“Sustainable Futures”

This year’s theme explores the idea that making a positive global impact begins with the individual. Sustainability can be explored through multiple lenses: sustainable practices for the planet, sustainable study habits, sustainable friendships, sustainable careers, etc… Our goal is to help students explore sustainability through these multiple lenses in order to apply their findings to their personal lives, here in Global Neighborhood and beyond.

Throughout the 24/25 academic year, students will have the opportunity to participate in film screenings, dinners, festivals, initiatives, and other events to craft their own personal vision of a “Sustainable Future.”

ϰϲʹ 24/25 Common Reading:The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of

Oppression to Protect People & Planet by Leah Thomas.



Neighborhood Outcomes

As a result of living in the Global Neighborhood, we hope that our students will achieve the following learning outcomes, which recognize the importance of learning beyond the classroom and the impact that one’s environment can have on their educational journey.

  1. Engaged Learning: Deepen the intellectual culture of the neighborhood.
    1. Students will make connections with faculty and staff outside of the classroom by engaging in academic activities and discussions.
    2. Students will reflect upon the annual Common Reading book and themes through discussions with faculty, staff, student leaders, and peers.
    3. Students will develop a curiosity for learning beyond the classroom.
    4. Students will develop an understanding of the Global Neighborhood’s overall and annual themes: Thriving as a Global Citizen & Sustainable Futures (24/25).
  2. Social Connectedness: Enhance students’ personal development.
    1. Students will recognize their role within multiple communities through floor, building, LLC, and neighborhood programming.
    2. Students will identify a support network and begin to develop their constellation of mentors at Elon by building relationships with peers, student leaders, faculty, and professional staff.
    3. Students will identify and utilize resources to support their ability to thrive in the collegiate environment, including emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and social well-being.
  3. Diverse Citizenship: Develop a responsibility for inclusive communities.
    1. Students will develop intercultural knowledge and literacy, including self-awareness, through interaction with people from different backgrounds than their own.
    2. Students will articulate their own sense of community, outlining their connection and responsibility as global citizens.
    3. Students will recognize the impact of their actions within their community.
    4. Students will have opportunities to enact locally-rooted, globally-minded citizenship in ethical and responsible ways.

The Global Neighborhood Oath

As a member of the Global Neighborhood, I will strive to become a global citizen:

  • Seeking​ to identify and engage with my campus, local and global communities
  • Reflecting​ on the impact of my actions in these communities
  • Respecting ​and appreciating cultures and experiences different than my own
  • Working​ to promote the common good

I commit to:

  • Making​ the most of this opportunity to develop my global perspective, in concert with my own personal development and understanding of the communities around me
  • Investing​ my time and energy as a proud member of the Global Neighborhood.