Enriching your experience

Isabella Cannon Global Education Center

Explore study abroad and Study USA options, celebrate international holidays and learn more about world cultures.

Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education (CREDE)

Expand your understanding of identities as you participate in programs and events that support personal and academic development.

Truitt Center for Religious & Spiritual Life

Explore issues of faith and study the role of religion in relation to current events. The center is home to more than a dozen religious life organizations.

Center for Access and Success

Combine your interests in community and the common good as you learn about initiatives that help students from all backgrounds gain access to and succeed in higher education. The center serves the university community, as well as surrounding communities from pre-K to adults.

Gender and LGBTQIA Center

Partner across campus and the local community to support, advocate and educate around gender and LGBTQIA identities. Create an inclusive community of equity, justices and academic excellence for students, employees and alumni.

El Centro de Espa├▒ol

Study conversational Spanish while exercising cultural humility, learning and understanding the cultures of the Hispanic/Latinx population in the U.S. and abroad.