Service at Elon

Service is a core value at Elon, and is one of the five Elon Experiences. Service is conducted through student organizations, classes, fraternities and sororities, sports teams, and a variety of other programs across campus.

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First-Year Summer Experience (FSE) programs are designed to help incoming students feel confident and prepared as they enroll at Elon. FSE programs embrace the university鈥檚 commitment to experiential learning, and use this guiding philosophy to help students develop self-awareness, enhance relationships, and define community in preparation for their Elon experience.

Engage provides a unique opportunity to support incoming first-year students in their transition to Elon through a community service lens.

Service Living and Learning Community

Elon鈥檚 Service Living and Learning Community, the oldest living-learning community on campus, is a residential option for students interested in service. Service LLC members live together on the same floor of a residence hall in the East Neighborhood and participate in service projects, fun activities, and learn more about the surrounding community outside of the Elon bubble.

Change Maker Scholars

Change Maker Scholars is a selective merit-based program for academically strong students interested in civic engagement and creating solutions to real-world issues. Change Makers at Elon work to develop awareness and understanding of community connections and appreciation for diverse communities and cultures. Throughout their undergraduate experience, Change Makers are presented with opportunities to create and promote civic practices that lead to constructive community participation. They also are encouraged to pursue leadership opportunities on campus and in the community.

Paideia Living and Learning Community

The Paideia: Politics and Active Citizenship LLC is open to anyone interested in global, national, state and local politics and interested in getting involved in聽political issues, campaigns, and governance. Paideia is also an opportunity to learn how to educate others about issues and how other students can make聽a difference in our world, nation, state, and community.

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