Student employees work in almost every department of the University.  Student employment offers undergraduate degree-seeking students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience.  The is an online database where department supervisors and community partners post on-campus and federal work-study jobs.


Access the to make an appointment for everything (questions, resume reviews, mock interviews, etc) related to on-campus student employment or the federal work-study program.  Use your Elon username and password to log in, select Career Advising Appt on left toolbar, Request New Appointment,  and then select Assistance with On-Campus Jobs as “Type.”


Training and Development

Training and Development sessions are offered for student employees but must be requested by their supervisors. Supervisors can request sessions


    New Hire Orientation

    Session provides new employees with information about:

    • Workplace Expectations
    • Dress Code
    • Email Communication
    • Payroll
    • Telephone Etiquette

    Session length:  60 minutes

    It's All in the Translation

    An interactive session designed to assist students with translating the student employment experience for post-graduate or internship resume. Using the job descriptions from the department student employees will learn how to determine and compose relevant action bullets for their resume. This session is customized to address how the jobs in your department can be written for relevance to post-graduate goals.

    Session length: 60 minutes

    The Game of Social Life

    This session addresses bias, understanding, and inclusion.  The session is designed to increase awareness and understanding of between-group variations and how external factors impact decisions and outcomes. In thinking about a given person’s successes or failures in life, we might assume that those outcomes are probably due to a combination of internal factors (a person’s own motivation and hard work) and external factors (such as the conditions under which one is born, the social support that a person receives, or the ways in which the policies, rules, and reward structures of a society affect that person). As we play this game students examine the relative balance between free choice and external factors in determining outcomes in life.  This is all done through assignment of an interactive strategy game and class discussion of experiences based on player profiles.

    Session length: 90 minutes

    Additional Customized Sessions for Applicants or Student Staff

    If you would like to request customized student staff or applicant training use to explain and request training.  Use the “Other” option on the form and detail request in comments.

    Examples (not all-inclusive examples):

    Resume and cover letter workshop for students applying for the student staff positions in your department

    Drop-in hours hours dedicated to applicants applying for student staff positions in your area

    Interview workshop for student staff to story their student staff experience